Emma Watson at the GQ Man of the Year Awards 2011

Emma Watson at the GQ Man of the Year Awards 2011. Several celebrities attended the GQ ceremony where the most influential and powerful men of the year 2011 were rewarded.

During the event the different celebrities were arriving at the red carpet of the awards ceremony at the Royal Opera House in London.

Among the women who attended the event were the beautiful Kelly Brook and Emma Watson who were the ones that attracted the most attention due to their outfits.

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This because Miss Brook of 31 years was in a beautiful long white Moschino dress. That accentuated her curved, in front she had a small bun, and she wore her hair loose and wavy.

On the other hand Emma Watson showed a very punk look, using a red and black squared dress with black lace frills, accompanied by a leather jacket and a pair of Christian Louboutin sneakers, and to complement her image, she wore her hair Black licked behind the ears.

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Kylie Minoge also attended such an event, she looked very youthful with a small corset-shaped dress accompanied by leopard print heels, wavy hair and shiny jewelry, but this look let him see after the large fur coat was removed green color that it took when arriving at the ceremony.

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Meanwhile the beautiful actress Charlize Theron gave a Hollywoodense touch to the night with a halter top and flared pants. We must not forget that the night was about boys, and among the nominees of the GQ awards were Bradley Coope, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jamie Collum and Matt Smith.