Will Smith and Jada Smith divorce

Will Smith and Jada Smith divorce, new rumors. The rumors of divorce from Will Smith and Jada Smith are becoming stronger. Sources close to the couple say that the famous marriage is going through a crisis which could end in divorce.

And so much talk about the possible divorce of Will Smith and Jada. Evenly, Will had to send a press release where these rumors were clarified. Will gave the reason that although they usually did not dispute this rumor.

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They decided to go public and clarify that the marriage went well. And that there will not be a close farewell to end much harassment by the press.

Even some media have published the news. That there might be an affair between Jada and Marc Anthony, J.Lo.’s ex-husband. Marc Anthony is her co-star in the Hawthorne television series.

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“All the rumors about Marc and Jada are wrong, completely uncertain. And about the personal lives of Will and his wife, I will not comment,” Jada’s representative said via dailymail.

It was said that the couple decided to take a family vacation. This is done before deciding what the future of marriage is. Also in taking legal action, in case divorce is imminent.

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There is no doubt that nothing is forever and everything at some point ends, but hopefully this does not happen to be just a rumor, because Will and Jada were one of the strongest couples in Hollywood with 13 years of marriage.