Kim Kardashian goes on a honeymoon

Kim Kardashian goes on a honeymoon. Newly married Kim Kardashian started her honeymoon together with her husband Kris Humphries.

The new lady of Humphries left the Los Angeles airport to her destination still unknown to the press in Europe.

The new marriage will travel a few days to Europe despite rumors that the couple would not take the honeymoon for up to 4 months, due to Kim’s busy schedule, according to dailymail .

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However, it was confirmed that if you can take a break before returning to New York where you will live a few months while Kourtney and Kim finish recording their Kourtney and Kim take New York program.

On the way to the airport, Kardashian showed her diamond ring valued at 2 million dollars very proud, wearing a beautiful dress with sandals, while her husband was very comfortable with sports pants, but yes, they never stopped being very affectionate.

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It is also said that the couple intends to celebrate their marriage again with a slightly more personal celebration organized by their closest friends in New York. Although the reality star has denied rumors that this will be his second official wedding party.

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It is worth mentioning that Kim Kardashian’s wedding was as glamorous as possible, with an exclusive wedding dress designed by the famous Vera Wang, famous guests such as actresses Eva Longoria and Lindsay Lohan, the conductor of the E channel! Ryan Seacrest and a rather expensive food menu.

Apparently this marriage began with the wind in the stern, hopefully happiness will last.