Penelope Cruz pose pregnant

Penelope Cruz will pose pregnant for Vogue magazine. Penelope Cruz has decided to break with her usual discretion and has agreed to pose for the fashion magazine Vogue in her state of pregnancy, as announced by Penelope herself and echoed throughout the Internet.

Penelope Cruz will join the entourage of celebrities who have posed pregnant for various publications such as Demi Moore, Britney Spears, among others.

The life of the Oscar-winning Spanish actress has given much to talk about in recent months: her express wedding with fellow actor Javier Bardem and her speculated pregnancy that was confirmed up to 4 months later by her representative.

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“Pe” has stayed away from the searchlights and her husband too, just trying to say that she is very happy with the news but without giving many details about it.

However, it seems that the silence of the beautiful actress will break with the prestigious Vogue magazine, which is not known when it will be published. But since the future mother recently moved from London – where she currently lives – to Madrid, no They must take a long time.

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The admirers of the actress, as well as the gossip fans can not wait to know more details about the future paternity of this couple of successful actors.

Congratulations, hopefully soon you want to share more of your happiness with the world.

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