Britney Spears is sued by a former nanny

Britney Spears definitely can not get out of trouble: despite the fact that the American singer is currently dedicated to her work, a former worker of her returns to pull the scandal of demands.

Ferial Zaltash worked for a month with Britney Spears as a babysitter for her little boys Sean Preston and Jayden James, in addition to being her personal assistant in 2007; Miss demands late payments of approximately 25,000 euros for unpaid wages and overtime she devoted to the care of the singer and her family.

As ridiculous as it may sound to impose a lawsuit three years after everything happened, remember that in the United States, land of opportunities, it is never too late to send someone to trial, much less if he is a famous person with whom you can arrive to have substantial agreements – even if the judge does not rule in your case.

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The interpreter of “Womanizer” has lived high and low for several years and it seemed that her life was already reaching a quiet point of calm, but apparently we were all wrong.

But while Britney’s next record could reach stores early next year, we can only follow the singer through the hated and at the same time needed pink press.

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