Paris Hilton rejected in Japan

Paris Hilton rejected in Japan. In the early hours of Monday, the authorities banned Paris Hilton from entering Japan because she was recently involved in drug matters. Hilton was scheduled to participate in advertising activities in the eastern country and hours before his transfer, he had pleaded guilty to using drugs and evading the law in the state of Nevada.

Japan is a very severe country regarding drug use and as soon as the blond heiress arrived at the airport, she was interrogated by border agents and was allowed to stay at the airport hotel, while discussing whether Paris Hilton can enter the country or not.

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An account of his recent controversy Drugs: Paris Hilton was arrested in Las Vegas, with its motif of the moment new boyfriend, Cy Waits, because the vehicle they were traveling “emitted a strong odor of marijuana”. Due to the commotion that was caused on public roads, Hilton asked to go to the bathroom of a nearby hotel; When she opened her purse to take out a lipstick, the police officer who escorted her noticed a small bag containing cocaine.

Paris Hilton rejected in Japan
Paris Hilton rejected in Japan.

When asked about the content, Paris responded that she had not given it importance and that she thought it was “gum.” In addition, he added that the bag was borrowed.

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In his recent statement before the judge, he finally admitted the obvious: that in effect, the substance was cocaine and that it was his . When pleading guilty, she was released and quickly went to do her advertising campaigns in Japan … and you know the rest.

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Paris Hilton, remember that everything good or bad you do will be returned to you.