Carla Bruni needs a translator

Carla Bruni needs a translator to understand Nicolas Sarkozy. Despite mastering four languages, it seems that the former model and First Lady of France, Carla Bruni has difficulty understanding what her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy says. She was captured using a translator while the President of France declared a speech about global taxes for financial transactions.

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More than the controversial speech of the French, what drew more attention was the elegant appearance of Carla Bruni, who looked regal in a simple black dress, which reminded Audrey Hepburn.

Perhaps the hearing aid was only to pay more attention to the speech, but it is also a fact that it seemed very strange that, being Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife, who speaks French very well, there was a need to use it.

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Stories have been leaked about Carla and how she perceives life as First Lady: things have been said about lovers and ex-boyfriends and her fate of hopeless flirtation has given much to talk about, but just look at the looks she and her Husband exchange while they talk and interact to deny them.

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In the Assembly regarding Finance carried out by the UN, more than 140 heads of state were presented and will meet for three days to discuss the issue.