Vanessa Hudgens in Twilight sequel

Vanessa Hudgens in Twilight sequel. The High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens might be on Twilight sequel New Moon as a werewolf.

Screen writer, Melissa Rosenberg of the movie talked about Vanessa’s possible participation to People’s magazine, “I’m not sure about casting but I had heard Vanessa Hudgens was going up for the part of Leah.”

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The screen writer also mentioned that the part of Leah comes out at the third movie and that the whole cast form the first movie will be back. She added that the cast is now in Vancouver, Canada preparing to shoot the second film.

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“Taylor Lautner will be back as Jacob Black. I can tell you the original cast will all be coming back. They’re on set right now, in Vancouver! They’re all up there prepping the movie to start shooting very soon,” said Rosenberg.

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